Why Border Security Is Still An Important Factor In Controlling Illegal Immigration

Border Security

Border Security

Immigration has long been an integral part of the growth of the U.S. economy. Be it the legal or illegal immigrants, these people all work for America, serving American people and contributing their talents and skills through hard work and tolerance. However, not all illegal immigrants are doing their part as good immigrants of the U.S. because obviously some are here for bad reasons.

The sad part is, because some illegal immigrants think the laws cannot always get to them, they are usually become prone if not the protagonists to crimes as some of them usually do illegal activities and become burdens to American government. On the other hand, the saddest thing about being an undocumented immigrant is that some people stereotyped illegal immigrants to be nuisance, job-grabbers and up-to-no good people that are already part of our system even though most of them illicitly come here only for economic reasons.

The Illegal Immigrants

According to studies made by the Pew Research Center who conducted the National Survey of Latinos in 2012, of the 11 million illegal immigrants in America today which are the main characters included on the Comprehensive Immigration Reform filed by the Senate for possible legal citizenship in June this year, 80 percent of these are Hispanics. This brought us to conclusion that America is focused on dealing with Latin American people that illegally come to the states through the borders’ security. So does this mean that the millions of dollars worth of border fences plus the thousands of border patrols guarding the fences are virtually useless? The answer to this question may depend on the efficiencies of the measures such as the solidity of the fences, competence of the border patrols and how the border security system is managed.

Unfortunately, we still see there is are no other way better than having border fences and designating border patrols up until now that can control illegal crossing of people coming from Hispanic countries because these can only be the most effective means of preventing foreigners from walking right in straight right into the U.S. territories. Without the tight control of the border security and the fences that hold up people, everything can loosen up and there could be a lot of uncertainties everywhere.

Significance of Border Security

Importance of border security

Importance of border security

The importance of border security is actually strongly tantamount to the American national security. With a tightly secured border, the hauling of illegal drugs passing through the border can certainly be stopped though that cannot always be 100 percent. And because there is the proposal for a comprehensive immigration reform, meaning, the 11 million undocumented immigrants might have a chance of becoming legal citizens of the U.S., the success of this proposal can probably spark a renewed interest for illegal crossers to try their luck anew knowing that the U.S. is getting soft in its stance in managing illegal immigrants.

However, other branches of American government see that the present border controls which include the border patrols are still not enough to efficiently stop illegal crossing because obviously, hundreds of illegal immigrants are still making it not literally through the fences but through the check points. So judging from what is happening within the Mexico-American border, border security officials which manned the check points are most of the times getting outsmarted by the syndicates that make illegal crossing of foreigners their trades.

Ironically, based from the interviews of Mexican men way back in 2007 and 2008, it comes out that if Mexico’s economy would sank deeper, there would not be anything that can stop them from crossing the borders. According to them, it is not the punishment that they get to be afraid of once they get caught but the fact that they would see their families starving.

Suggestions Based on Studies

To support the notion that illegal immigration is purely economics in nature, University of Southern California law professor Emily Ryo has taken a study to discover what makes men of Hispanic nations to always try to cross the border. She found out that economic factors really do play a significant role on the decision factor of whether or not people from these nations would illegally migrate.

Conversely, she suggested that one important thing that could affect the decisions of these people is by increasing the enforcement that is being done right now for the border security measures. According to her, if there could be an increased enforcement on border security, this could have deterrent effect on the immigrants’ decision to cross so in effect stronger border security measures with holistic system can always be the key to control illegal immigration and in the management of immigration system.