Ways On How Legal Immigrants Can Find Jobs In The U.S.

Immigrants looking for jobs

Immigrants looking for jobs

Immigrants finding jobs in the U.S. is not exactly easy especially with the global economic downturn that also affects even the solid American economy. And because lots of Americans now are also struggling to find their own jobs, it is necessary that legal immigrants must have complete documents to be allowed for U.S. citizens’ jobs. However, those who are newly legalized immigrants and ready to be in American workforce must fulfill strict requirements in order to qualify for jobs. Failing to do so, some employers may also hire them but on low level rates. That is why being an illegal immigrant in the U.S. technically strips you of your right to compete for jobs against the citizens and legal immigrants especially with the high-paying jobs.

Nevertheless, if you are a legal immigrant you should know the requirements needed before you can be eligible to work. So here are what you need and always must have whenever you go job hunting.

First, you must prepare for the following:

    • Alien Registration Receipt Card or also known as Form I-551
    • Form 1-9
    • Form I-1776
    • Work Permit
    • Social Security Card or can be Tax I.D.
    • Driver’s license if available or State I.D.

Specifications for the Above Supporting Documents 

    • Complete the Form I-551 and follow through. The completion of Form I-551 will give you your Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card which the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides. The USCIS department is under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
      In case you still don’t get your Form I-551, your passport can be stamped with a temporary I-551 stamp then get an Employment Authorization Document from the USCIS. However, before you get this you must complete the Form I-766 with your photograph on it. You must then wait to have your Social Security card from the Social Security Services (SSS). For additional proof of citizenship, you can also get your driver’s license or a State I.D. as employers may require you these.
    • You must learn how to speak English. Learning English is crucial because you need it for communication with your boss and your work peers. Also, the instructions within your job can always be in English. Employers would always prefer applicants who can speak English even if it is not yet perfect depending on your job.
    • Prepare for your resume accordingly. Ensure that everything in your resume is true, clear and in good format. Don’t invent jobs which you haven’t taken just to make yourself an attractive applicant. The employer would surely find that out. If you have difficulties in creating a resume or with your English writing, ask someone better to help you.  Include jobs that you had in your country and show your references including the phone numbers of your past employers for background check.
    • Begin looking for jobs that you are sure you are qualified. If you already have all the legal documents needed for your employment, you can apply to any job much like any other citizen of America. Don’t get worried you will be discriminated because you are now protected by the Anti-Discrimination Law. If in any case you experienced such an event, you can contact the Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices in their number (800) 255-8155.
    • If you still have hard time looking for a job, seek help. There are many consulting or employment agencies that can be able to help you find a job so always make sure you hand out your resume to them. If a job is offered to you on a contract-to-hire base, take it for the meantime. You can earn experience from it and empower your credentials.
      If your state or city also has its Employment Development Department, inquire if there are trainings available that you can apply for. You can also contact your friends and your church. Try also checking jobs online. The internet is really a rich source for jobs. And while you are looking for a job, you can also try working online if you think you can do online jobs like writing, affiliate marketing and so on.
    • Establish your network. Meet people just to have an actual connection with other individuals that run businesses. You can also create your membership online where a lot of employers are looking for people with special skills. If there are social gatherings in your community or church functions and you are invited, you attend to meet people. Also, always check job fairs as well and also the ads on papers.

Immigrants are known to be the not-so-picky people about jobs. Most of them are hard-working and patient workers. As long as they earn decent earnings to send to their families, that’s alright for them. Many professionals are even working as caregivers, construction workers or even cleaners in America. Actually these are the common jobs immigrants take while in America and it’s unfortunate that more and more Americans are thinking that immigrants are literally taking so much of their jobs from them.

Finding Job as a legal Immigrants

Finding Job as a legal Immigrants

Maybe in the case of Americans who are under educated and into low-level jobs that they have competitions with the immigrants. But this is not actually the fault of the immigrants. They just happened to be there because not much U.S. citizens take the jobs they work on. Basically, employers would prefer hardworking, educated and resilient employees which they can easily find among working immigrants. So in reality, working immigrants are actually giving so many Americans their priceless services while paying their taxes right.

However, if you are a legal immigrant, or say a naturalized citizen of America and a professional in your own right, why not use it to your advantage? You have the right to earn money using your skills and potentials. You have the right to have a job you are qualified to as much as anyone else. Nonetheless, don’t be too hasty though you must learn how to compete. Help America with what you got and contribute what you can afford. Because you are now a documented immigrant and living among people with different culture, learn how to adapt and be proud you are considered as one of America’s economic contributors so give this nation your best.