Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

Effects of Illegal Immigration

Effects of Illegal Immigration

Some people say that there is no actual solution to illegal immigration because people can always think of plans and do smart moves whenever they want to come to countries even through illegal means. So does this mean there are no ways to stop illegal immigration at all? Actually there are but everybody starting from the citizens themselves up to the heads of countries must do their part in stopping this act.

Illegal immigration undeniably can have an impact on any country. Undocumented immigrants, in other words, should never be there but they are there. They live in our societies and enjoy their lives as free individuals. But because most of them also work even on meager wages, they also do pay their taxes so the government usually treats them as part of the backbone of our industries.

In essence, illegal immigrants also do their best not to be seen as liabilities of their host countries. They work hard for their impoverished families and take jobs the local citizens would not want to lay their hands on. In trying to enter countries illegally, they risk their lives and dignity just to find jobs while their countries don’t have anything to offer. However, since they can be considered undocumented individuals but live among us, they can also take the things that actually belong to local citizens. Examples are social benefits, health services, and even jobs.

Why Illegal Immigrants Choose the U.S.? 

The United States is one of the most developed countries in the world and the most favorite destination of tourists including illegal aliens. This is because people all over the world see that this country has everything to offer. Jobs are here and you can take some of it even you are an undocumented individual. Everywhere you look, everything is more developed. Entertainment venues are everywhere and the country is really a vast mass of land where anyone can feel free. This is why the U.S. of A is also the favorite destination of rich businessmen and royalties coming from rich countries.

Another significant thing why illegal immigrants would choose America is because there are a lot of influential individuals particularly politicians who understand their plights and want to protect them. Yet, these politicians are not out to help those who get involved in illegal activities but only those who are only up for good and can contribute to the growth of the American economy. So eventually, lots of immigrants can always assume that they can be safe in this country.

Nevertheless, illegal immigration must be prevented because it basically affects societies, countries’ economies, mutual relationships among countries and even the people whom the immigrants are living with and these are the consequences.

How Illegal Immigration Affects Our Way of Lives?

    • Economy : With the growing numbers of illegal immigrants, they will need social programs like government schools and hospitals. They may also need to be included in the socialized housing programs if necessary. With the U.S. $16 trillion national debts, it would cost the government additional funds coming from the taxpayers’ money to support them. Undocumented immigrants are also the great responsibilities of our government so whether we like it or not, as a democratic and free country, we still have to provide these immigrants the privileges any human deserve although not in special way like the American-born citizens.
    • Job Security: Based from the studies, since there are now illegal immigrants that are into American labor force, employers who are into manual and blue-collar businesses are hiring the skilled ones while they lowered the wages of the U.S. workers without their high school diploma. So mainly, jobs now like in the construction, janitorial, maintenance, waste management and other so-called “lower-end jobs” and “dirty jobs” are being handed over preferably to undocumented immigrants on low salary rate.
    • Crime Prevention: Most crimes in the U.S. are usually caused by young people and surprisingly many of these are children of illegal immigrants. These youths are being used by underground syndicates and encourage them to form their groups and gangs within less-inhabited territories and do drug dealing, gun smuggling and even use the Internet to do their criminal acts.
    • Health Care Services : It is undeniable that with the long lines of people on government hospitals seeking for medical assistance every day, some of these are illegal immigrants. It is only proper for us to treat them like everybody else. However, a large number of them can literally take a lot on the hospitals’ funding which the national government provides. Though there are also a lot of undocumented immigrants who pay their taxes and social security, not all of the sick ones and seeking medical assistance do pay these obligations.
    • Public Education: According to the world’s rule of law, education is now one of man’s basic necessities so it is the role of every government to provide free or subsidized education to its citizens. However, in the U.S., it is estimated that in 2009, around 5 to 8 percent of students in the elementary and high school are children of immigrants while a big portion of these are kids of illegal immigrants. Assuming that the illegal immigrant parents don’t pay the right taxes, the majority of the American school children including the kids of legal immigrants are getting deprived of funds because some of the money goes to funding children of illegal immigrants instead of using it to better facilities and further implementation of school development programs.
    • National security: National security is one of the major highlights that is contained in the proposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill. This bill has a good purpose and that it should greatly lessen the number of illegal immigrants that intrude borders while it is also aimed at securing the country’s security and safety of the people. However, even with the implementation of the bill, this may not totally stop illegal immigration. Why? Because red tapes in the government can let them come in. Lack of diligence on the part of the authorities is another factor so when illegal immigrants make their way through, they continue to attract more people to follow through and so the cycle continues.

Illegal immigration is actually a crime. But because the U.S. government understands these people’s statuses while they can also possibly be assets to the country, they are not actually getting apprehended or deported unlike in the past. Instead, some of them are given the passes to work even on limited contracts so they get to pay their taxes too. But if the politicians were right on their ideas, it is much better if the comprehensive immigration reform bill would be implemented and make these immigrants help in recovering the American economy rather than persecuting them to no end while they are forced to rely on assistance which the right people firstly deserve.