Acquiring U.S. Immigrant Visa Through Millionaire/Investor, Political And Visa Lottery Program

Acquiring U.S. Immigrant Visa

Acquiring U.S. Immigrant Visa

The U.S. immigrant visa could be one elusive privilege that many people always dream to acquire. Aside from the fact that only small percentage of applicants who want to immigrate to the U.S. can pass through, the process of application for immigrant visa can be arduous, takes so much time as much as costly. That is why we have made articles about who can have the greater chances of making it to the U.S. through immigrant visas so you know where you stand and know what to do.

Who Can Petition For Immigrant Visa

Basically, immigrants who have turned citizens and permanent residents of the U.S. have the right to petition for immigrant visa for their immediate relatives living outside the U.S. This can ensure the government of America that the immigrants coming in can be supported by their families already living in America. The applicants for petition, however, would basically fall into many categories from the first relative preference up to the fourth relative preference.

The next groups of people after the relatives category that can possibly acquire immigrant visas are those that have specialized skills, education and training. They are the second priority groups because they can be assets to the American economy and can help enhance the American learning system. Applicants here fall to the immigrant visa through employment-based category. In this category, the American employers play a great role on the success of their petitions for the applicants. On the other hand, the qualified applicants will eventually fall within any of the five sub-categories based from their qualifications. Of the five sub-categories, two don’t require applicants to acquire labor certifications from the Labor Department while the rest is the opposite.

Now, we will discuss the other categories that make people potential candidates for immigrant visas. These categories are the millionaire category, refugee or political asylum category and Diversity Visa Lottery Program category.

Let’s take a further explanation with these.

Millionaire Category

The millionaire immigrant category falls under the third priority category and comes after the relative and employment-based category. In here, the American government may grant an individual the immigrant visa if that individual would want to invest a business in the country. However, based from the law, the foreign investor must at least have US$1 million dollars capital investment and could be able to hire at least ten U.S. workers in order to get approved. If the investor lacks more funds to complete the amount, he can also borrow money provided that he has worthy properties to vouch for his loan.

If the investor would only want to buy an ongoing business, the $1 million investment would still be a requirement but the worth of the business must have an increased 40% value which must be met on a given time. Also, the number of workers must have also increased by not less than 40 percent by then.

If an investor would only want to put up a business in a rural area or in a region where there is a high unemployment rate, the capital requirement could be lessened to $500,000. However, at least ten U.S. workers must still be hired for the business.

Once the investor immigrant has started his business, he automatically gains permanent residence status for two years. During the end of the 2nd year, the investor must file additional documents to USCIS to prove that the business is still ongoing, has still enough capital and that the ten U.S. workers are still there. If the government officials proved that investor has met all the requirements, the prevailing conditions will be removed and a regular permanent residence would be awarded to the investor.

Refugees/Political Asylum

America has been accepting refuges and political asylees for many years now. However, there are also laws that must be followed before someone can be considered a refugee or a political asylee and can be accepted as a documented immigrant of the country. For example, a refugee after the first year of being a documented refugee immigrant in the U.S. can file for petition or apply for permanent residence.

Nonetheless, the President of the U.S. is the only one who can determine how many refugees or political asylee that can be accepted in the U.S. each year. Based from present immigration law, approximately 80,000 refugees can be accepted each year in the U.S. while no limit for the asylees. Mostly, political asylees are not much as they may come from only few countries where war or political instability commonly occur and that the asylees’  lives are in grave danger.

Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Diversity Visa Lottery Program

The diversity visa lottery program is a program of the House of Congress. In this program, around 55,0000 people can be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. each year provided that these people belong to the countries where their immigrants who are staying in the U.S. are not exceeding 50,0000 within the last five years.

Exception to this rule are countries that have more than 50,000 immigrants and these are the Mainland China, Canada, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Brazil, El Salvador, Ecuador, Haiti, Guatemala, Jamaica, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Poland, Peru, U.K., South Korea and Vietnam. So in essence, all the remaining countries do have more open immigration opportunities. However, applicants must at least be high school graduates and have at least two years of work experience and training to make them eligible for work.

Basically, there are millions of people every year who want to immigrate to the United States. Nonetheless, around 700,000 people can only be allowed each year. So for those who can’t make it to belong to the priority categories, they may try to see other means of acquiring immigrant visas. Note that only certain slots are available each year for each category. For instance, under the relative category, only 65,000 brothers and sisters can be accommodated each year. If the applicants go over this number, the rest of the applicants may have to wait for the next years.

If  you want to know more details about how to acquire U.S. immigration visa and need more guidance, you can check your country’s United States Embassy or check American websites such as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), U.S. Immigration Support any website that presents U.S. Consular Affairs.