Parents Immigration To The United States

Visa for Your Parents

Visa for Your Parents

The process of immigrating to the United States can be quite intimidating for other people because there are more people getting denied in acquiring U.S. visa than those who are successful. In fact, only around 30 percent of visa applicants out of the thousands of applicants in every country per year get their chances to have their visas and immigrate to the U.S. This is because the immigration policies of the U.S. which should be copied by all countries around the world are amenable only to those who deserve to be in the states. That’s why be it for a non-immigrant visa or an immigrant visa, one should comply with the rules the U.S. immigration system is imposing. This is to protect the national interest of America as well as its people from possible bad elements.

Visa for Your Parents

Furthermore, it is seen that among the visas that are less complicated to acquire are the US visas for parents. If you are at least 21 years old and an immigrant green-card holder, you are eligible to petition your parents to come to the U.S. and let them live and work there permanently. However, if you are still on having permanent residence, petitioning for your parents is not yet possible so you have to wait for enough time to completely acquire your green-card. Once you are ready you can proceed with your petition and in less than a year you can bring your parents right in the states.

There are two options on how to help your parents become permanent residents in the states. First, if your parents live outside the United States you must file your petition to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and wait for the result. Once your petition is approved you will be notified and must tell your parents to come to their country’s U.S. consulate to undergo the process for their immigrant visas. The second option, if your parents are already in the U.S., they can also apply for adjustment of their status from legal immigrants to permanent residents using Form I-485.

However, prior to filing your petition for your parents’ visa, you must understand that a “parent” means not only your father and mother. Your stepparent or adoptive parent can also be under the clause of the parent status. Nevertheless, you must prove by supporting documents that whoever you have identified as your parents are really your parents or in that case your stepparent or adoptive parent. The documents will be scrutinized by the U.S. immigration authorities and will base their approval under the conditions set within the U.S. immigration law.

Advantages of Getting Immigrant Visa for the Parents

Whenever your parents can have their permanent residence in the U.S., they automatically gain the rights to live in this country. They can go everywhere and free to live wherever they want. The good thing is, they can also work legally, enter and leave the country if they want to travel to other countries including to their original country. They can also vote during the elections when they apply and acquire U.S. citizenship after few months of being permanent residents. And because they become U.S. citizens they also gain the right for social benefits which every US lawful citizen of America deserves.

So start applying for your parents immigrant visa because this is your chance to live with your parents and let them experience living in a more developed country. If you want to know the procedures in applying for petition for parents’ visa visit the USCIS website and know the procedures. Inside this site you will know the significance of the Form l-130. Even the step-by-step procedures on how to petition your stepparents are included right in. You will also learn what to do in case your petition will be denied and the procedures on how you can appeal. Understanding immigration procedures is not actually complicated as long as you would be patient doing your research and reading more about the American immigration system.

Parents immigrating to the U.S. can do a lot of good not only to the immigrants but also to the U.S government. Even at the ripe age of 50 to 60 years old, healthy immigrant parents can still work and be assets to the American economy. Especially if they have education, they can use their skills in their work. The United States is a country that don’t discriminate people base from their race, religion, gender and even with age. As long as an immigrant is capable of working, he or she can be employed unlike with other countries that companies usually limit the working age of their workers to not more than 40 or 45 years of age. This is how it is nice to be a legal immigrant in the U.S.