Immigration – How It Affects People And The Countries

Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States

Immigration to the United States is always a big issue not only in today’s world but also in the past where immigration was thought to be the major cause of the growth of American population.

The influx of immigrants to the United States started when the immigration policies in 1965 became more relaxed. From 9.6 million immigrants in 1970, this became 38 million in 2007. In 2008, another 1 million immigrants were naturalized and if ever the Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be passed by the Congress this year, millions of undocumented immigrants will also become legal citizens of the country.

In year 2000 to 2010, around 14 million immigrants entered the United States and the large portion of these came from Mexico followed by India, the Philippines and China. The United States always have a pressing problem with the illegal immigrants. This is why within the comprehensive immigration reform act, it is included that that the barrier between Mexico and the United States should be better reinforced while recruiting more sheriffs will be needed to stop illegal crossing of borders.

Why Immigration is Allowed?

There is literally a big question with the issue of reforming immigration laws in America. The question, however is that, why is it that some U.S. politicians are up into legalizing the 11 million undocumented immigrants when a lot of natural-born Americans are already opposed to the idea? Well, the answer can be rational based from the economic situation of America which is right now is not really good.

Basically, developed democratic countries like the U.S. could not really stop immigration. Not even illegal immigration because this is the country where the immigrants see opportunities are a lot. But somehow, illegal or legal immigrants, these can also become assets of the host country as long as the immigrants are skilled or educated. In this case, America is setting a good example on how immigrants should be considered as assets and not liabilities.

Since the globalization of the trade, people also began to move a lot. And because the global economy is also powered by the money earned by the immigrants, they also create more trades and investments. This is why some politicians and even expert economists in the U.S. see that immigration is also a beneficial factor that can enhance the economic situation of America as well as the countries where immigrants originate.

Why Do People Emigrate

Lifting from the idea that immigration is already a part of our existence, there are also advantages and disadvantages with the immigration trend. Immigration can basically affect the host countries and the original countries of migrating people. It can also have a great influence over people of different countries. But why do people emigrate? Well, basically, people emigrate or live from countries to countries due to number of reasons. First, most of them see that developed countries like the United States which hosts 20% of the world’s immigrants do offer the opportunities for good jobs and good life. Considering that the American dollars is one of the strongest denominations in the world, the immigrants’ minimal earnings can already sustain financially their families back home.

migrating people

migrating people

Second, people emigrate because jobs in their countries are almost nil. And even most of their general populations earned their college educations or are skilled, there is no job to work on to while the jobs they have are not capable of providing sustainability to their families. This is how immigration can be a way of survival for many of the immigrants.

And lastly, some people emigrate because they are forced to leave their countries because of civil conflicts, political persecution or are hiding from their crimes. There are a lot of political personalities today that are living in the United States but are under persecution in their own countries.

So how does immigration affect the host and original countries as well as the people? Here are what our experts have to say about this.

Positive Effects of Immigration

    • When immigrants become legal citizens of their host country, they can better contribute to the economic gains like taxes, production of goods and consumerism. Even illegal immigrants are also consumers and they also pay their dues.
    • The host country can always have available manpower especially with the skilled and well-educated immigrants. Usually, immigrants would take jobs that people of their host countries would not want so this can be good to the country’s economy as a whole.
    • Employers can employ migrant workers who would agree to working longer hours but on minimum pay. This is in reality a form of exploitation but there are actually no options for the immigrants to take especially the undocumented immigrants.
    • The original countries of the immigrants would also be earning money from the immigrant workers thru remittances.

Incidentally, there are also some drawbacks about immigration and these happen whether we like it or not.

Drawbacks of Immigration

    • Based from Labor Statistics, immigrants particularly the illegal immigrants are most exploited by many employers thru cheap labor.
    • Immigration can be an option for criminals to hide and live to other countries and may also continue their illegal activities once settled.
    • Brain drain is one major problem especially with the developing countries because of the attraction of immigration to the more developed world.
    • Immigration can also create conflicts between race and countries and clear examples are the issues of racism and inequalities.
    • When immigrants receive care and benefits from their host governments, people would usually react and envy can arise and this can breed tensions and hostilities between people and among countries.

There are still a lot of effects that may arise with immigration. Though there are the positive effects, the drawbacks are also too many to mention. Nonetheless, immigration however you see it can still benefit people, societies, countries and the world. Immigration is just a matter of transporting people from one place to another so that more work could be created. Immigrants are not out there to take away other people’s jobs. They are out there to do some sacrifices for the sake of their families while they do some dirty work. On the other hand, we also have the laws that must be followed. Without the laws, lawlessness may seeps in. This is why our governments continue to get strict with their immigration laws because when illegal immigration dominates, we all can suffer from it