Immigrant Children Feasible Contributions To Future American Workforce And To The Economy

immigration reform bill

immigration reform bill

Immigration reform is now a hot issue not only among American politicians but also by lots of citizens of America including immigrants. With the passing of the immigration reform bill at the Senate gathering a 68-32 vote last June, the so-called most significant ruling that can forever change the history of immigration is right now stalled in the House of Congress and this is because the Republicans say are not yet ready to decide if they will let this bill go.

Up from the start until today, there are a lot of controversies that hound the comprehensive immigration reform issue up to the time it’s now in Congress. According to the Gang of 8 senators who have authored this bill, legalizing the 11 million illegal immigrants could enhance the growth of the American economy since these people will be paying for their taxes and yet will contribute to the needed workforce American businesses need.

But now that the bill has the danger of losing the right amount of votes in Congress, various groups from many parts of the U.S. are also voicing out their opinions. Some want the reform bill to be made into a law while some groups don’t want it implemented. The main reason why some people are opposed to it? They judge that legalizing the 11 million undocumented immigrants would ultimately allow them to take American jobs while may lose the jobs the Baby Boomers will be leaving out once they retire. But is it?

The Real Deal

Basically, expert economists and political analysts say that the worries of most American-born citizens losing their jobs from the 11 million immigrants are baseless and purely speculated. They explained that even these great number of individuals would have their jobs once they become legal citizens, they would not be taking jobs from the Americans but in fact will add to the workforce once many of the Baby Boomers retire 10 to 15 years from now.

Since the Baby Boomers (those born in 1946 to 1964) will be leaving the workforce between 2010 and 2030, this would mean the businesses would need for their replacements. In this stage, it is the children of the illegal immigrants that if would be legalized would likely be the reserved and can replace the retirees positions as these children will be coming to their prime working years during that time.

While the actual provision of legal citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants would instantly create jobs to many labor sectors of the American economy, this will continue until 2030. During this time children of the immigrants can be in the workforce and can even be taken for the jobs the retirees will be leaving behind and this will lead more businesses to increase their numbers. In essence, the Americans would not actually be losing their jobs since the immigrants along with their children will be creating more jobs for everybody. Everyone will play his or her significant duties in reshaping the workforce and this could enhance the growth of the American economy.

What the Experts Conclude

The experts made the analysis as accurate as possible as they analyze the demographic characteristics not only of the immigrants but also the present American workforce and their children. By definition, workforce is composed of anyone age 16 and older and presently working including the unemployed individuals but currently seeking for work.

Right now, the experts has compared the age of the Baby Boomers against the projections of size of the workforce up to the year 2030 and this is what they got. Once the 11 million undocumented immigrants would turn to be legal immigrants and started working, most of the baby boomers will be retiring in 2030 at the ripe age of 60 to 65. And as the old individuals will be leaving their jobs vacant, new workers would be needed to fill in the gaps and these can include children of American citizens and of legal immigrants alike.

The Positive Projections

American workforce

American workforce

Consequently, it is projected that between 2010 and 2020, around 27.3 million American workers would be leaving their posts because of retirement while in 2020 to 2030 around 31.3 million will also retire. While we have now a workforce of 83 million workers, in the next two decades about 58.6 million workers will be out from the labor scene. Unfortunately, not enough American workforce can supply the need for this number. So to have a continuous labor support two-third of the required workforce may come from families of the immigrants.

In this projection, the experts say Americans don’t have to worry they will be losing their jobs including jobs for their children once the immigrants enter the workforce. Actually, the children of the Americans would surely have their jobs as much as the immigrants because everybody would be working together to create more jobs while the immigrant children can provide labor support so that the American economy doesn’t have to suffer.