Will Granting Undocumented Immigrants Legal Citizenships Take Away Jobs From The Americans?

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Now that it is official the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill has already passed the Senate’s approval on June 27, it’s time to move on and see what the House of Congress can do something about it. Will it have a smooth sailing in the hands of the Republicans and will it land right on President Obama’s table or will it die right there just like what happened in 2006?

However, we have so many people reacting with the passing of the bill at the Senate. The issue? That legalizing the 11 million undocumented immigrants could jeopardize American jobs and it will be hard for everybody to find good jobs because of stiffer competition.

On the other hand, political analysts, economists and even the politicians say jobs are safe for Americans’ safekeeping. Nobody’s taking jobs from anybody. According to immigration expert Alex Nowrasteh of the Libertanian Cato Institute, this kind of conviction among Americans is really ridiculous. That immigrants are not out to take jobs that others deserve to have.

Solid Support from Studies

In May, a month before the Comprehensive Immigration Reform was approved by the Senate, economists Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney wrote in the Brookings Institution that immigrants won’t necessarily be getting out to take American jobs but instead they will increase the opportunities and revenues for themselves and for the Americans. And based from the study made by the Center for American Progress, the granting of legal status to undocumented immigrants and turning them into tax payers can even create more jobs in the process.

To strengthen assumption, experts from the economics department of Washington College led by one of the department’s professor put up a lot of scenarios and studied them well. In all of it, there is the legalization of the 11 million undocumented immigrants and then predicted the effect of each scenario. On one scenario, they presumed the effect of legalizing or granting citizenship to the 11 million immigrants in over ten years and the other scenario in five years.

Based from the researchers’ gathered data which is used in assuming the capabilities of the 11 million immigrants, their age and health, these immigrants if granted the legal status could produce around 121,000 more jobs over the next 10 years. And if they can have their citizenships in five years, that would amount to 159,000 jobs every year. Hence if they would be granted the legal status and then their citizenships within this year, they could even create extra 203,000 jobs from this year on.

How Was This Possible?

The researchers explained that there is a simple logic behind this assumption. By legalizing or granting citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants, they will instantly be allowed to become more productive and earn higher income. They can pay higher taxes and that means more revenues for the government. Federal jobs are created because the government does have a rich source of income which it derived mainly from people’s taxes.

The undocumented immigrants turn citizens would also need to spend their earnings on their basic needs like food, clothing, homes and other necessities that will help them survive. They will also need to buy appliances, vehicles and everything that everybody needs in order to live comfortably. Their children will also need to attend schools and their families will also go to recreational areas and will continuously find other comforts in life. With their numbers, they will need more products and services so there will surely be a high demand for these and that means more labor needed. It’s just a matter of cycle, like the economist say. The immigrants will spend their earnings on their needs and at the same time they also create jobs which in turn could help the American economy to expand.

Why Worry?

granting citizenship

granting citizenship

In so far that some Americans believe they will be losing their jobs to the immigrants, experts also added that this would not actually happen. Once the immigrants become legal citizens, they will have to find jobs of their own and there will be more jobs because they will create the jobs. But it must also be noted that when it comes to finding jobs, everybody now would be equal in the eyes of the employers. Everybody will have fair wages according to the person’s skills and capabilities. In which, Americans should keep on becoming more competitive and more productive. Businesses would not hire people based from their citizenship status anymore but based from what they are capable of.

So if the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill would successfully make it in the House of Congress, this will be good news not only for the undocumented immigrants who have stayed in the U.S. for many years but also to America that needs the help of the immigrants to boost its economy. And Americans need not worry because it’s just like adding more people in their nation who will be out there to produce more jobs and more income for the already ailing American economy.